How to make your house safe: The 10 best tips for more security

As so many websites and news channels have already mentioned numerous times, the number of burglaries is rising sharply, especially in Germany. The reasons for this are sometimes very diverse and hard to pinpoint. But one thing is certain: Germany’s houses are not safe enough. Therefore, here are 10 tips and tricks that you can use to protect your home from the next burglary.

  1. take a close look at your house
    Before you pull the door shut, you should take a close look at your house. Are there any weak spots anywhere? Could there be hidden ways to break into your home somewhere? You must always keep in mind that due to lack of time, burglars always choose houses with obvious vulnerabilities in order to save as much time as possible. In this form, weak points are open windows or simply built doors.
  2. a good neighbor? Worth its weight in gold!
    If you are planning a vacation for a longer period of time or are away on business, then logically you cannot ensure that your house looks inhabited. Burglars take advantage of this indication and spy on potential houses for days to discover possible signs. To put a stop to this approach, the best way is to ask your neighbor. Simply ask him to empty the mailbox at regular intervals.
  1. a well chosen place for the spare key
    Hiding a spare key under the doormat or, best of all, in the flower pot next door is like a personal invitation. For this reason, you should look for a hiding place that is really safe.
  2. the integration of Smarthome
    Smarthome now offers a very high variety of ways to control things remotely via app. For example, lights can be turned on and off while you’re on the go, symbolizing to potential burglars who are currently on the lookout that someone is home. Furthermore, you can also connect to a video door intercom or surveillance camera to see everything that is happening at your home.
  3. security technology as a deterrent
    Put yourself in the position of a thief: would you break into a place where a surveillance camera or video door intercom could see and record you? Probably not! This is exactly why you should also use security technology in the form of video surveillance. Smart cameras also automatically send notifications to your smartphone when motion has been detected.
  4. make the entrance door unbreakable
    You should already think about a reinforced door when building your house. An additional security lock can also get you out quite a bit. Here, rather rely on brand locks and thus avoid throwing money out the window.
  5. think about the cellar door & secure it
    A frequently forgotten problem is the cellar door. When do you ever think about the cellar? But also the cellar door should get an equally important security as the entrance door.
  6. equip video surveillance with the Internet
    In today’s Internet age, where there is an Internet cafe and wifi everywhere, why not equip your alarm system with the Internet? Promising manufacturers now equip their security technology with an emergency call that can be triggered via the Internet. If it should really come to an emergency, you are then, thanks to the Internet, on the safe side!
  7. fake dog barking
    Hardly any burglar would want to mess with a full-grown Rottweiler without appropriate protective clothing, right? But that is still no reason to purchase such a dog – it can be done much easier and much cheaper. The solution? An electronic guard dog.
  8. consult experts
    If your belongings and the safety of your family are worth something to you, you should definitely consult an expert in the field of security technology, who will give you the best advice. Optionally, the police also offers a free consultation on the subject of theft, burglary and crime.