Frequently asked questions about the surveillance camera

A surveillance camera is a useful tool especially when protecting valuable things or the safety of one’s family. Due to the huge demand, more and more people ask questions about its operation:

“How do I connect a surveillance camera?

,,What else can a surveillance camera be used for?”

,,What is there to consider legally?”

For this reason, we have gathered the most common questions, which we will answer in this article.

Legal things about video surveillance
When is video surveillance legally allowed?
Can you still remember the Lidl court case about video surveillance of employees when they went to the toilet? In that case, a court ruled in favor of the employees and against Lidl, meaning that the video surveillance was illegal.

The legal situation is different in public spaces where it is a question of monitoring important goods. Examples of such buildings are banks or stores, where criminal acts can occur. Here you have to get used to permanent surveillance.

My neighbor’s property is in the picture, is that allowed?
Unfortunately no. If you are anxious to monitor your property for security purposes, it must be ensured at all times that only your own property is visible in the picture. If this is not the case, it may well lead to a legal dispute, which can be relatively expensive. So think carefully about where you want to place your camera.

Passers-by and private video surveillance
If passers-by are in the recording area, this must be pointed out. The easiest way to do this is with a sign pointing this out.

Technical aspects – installation etc.
This is how the installation of a surveillance camera works
In earlier times, i.e. in the early 2000s, you had to laboriously struggle with the installation. Nowadays, the installation process has been greatly simplified by included software. The software installed on your PC then shows you step by step how to connect the surveillance camera properly. You no longer need to hire an electrician or specialist today. If several cameras are to be installed at the same time, such as on a company premises, this job should be given to a security company.

When does a surveillance camera record?
This is done with the help of an integrated motion detector, which registers all movements in the perimeter and passes them on to the camera. So as soon as a movement has been registered by the system, an image is immediately recorded. On the one hand, this saves electricity, as the camera does not run continuously, and on the other hand, it also saves necessary storage space on the SD card,

How many megapixels are necessary?
That depends on whether you want a smooth image or it is already enough if one image per second is recorded. However, with improved technology, even the inexpensive models are already equipped with high-resolution HD cameras that show the image smoothly and sharply on the display. Accordingly, the choice in terms of resolution should not be difficult.

Which surveillance camera is the right one for me?
Since an additional buying guide would go beyond the scope of this article, we recommend that you always take a look at the customer reviews and read them. Nothing is more honest and reliable than the opinion of a real customer!