Wlan, IP, wireless or an analog video door intercom?

IP Video Door Phone
The most outstanding advantage of a video door intercom system that can be integrated into the in-house IP network is that you can control the system not only with the indoor element included in the package, but additionally you are able to use your smartphone or tablet to operate it. This way, you don’t have to argue about where to place the indoor station. Instead, you simply use the smartphone and are thus super flexible in terms of operation.

However, in order to connect the smartphone to the door intercom, the system must be integrated into the IP network of your home. This can be done simply and easily with a LAN cable. However, this requires an Internet modem, which normally every household should have.

Once the video doorphone is connected to the modem, all files (pictures, videos, voice messages, etc.) can be stored on a cloud. So if you are on the road and have internet access, you can directly access the files stored by the intercom via cloud.

Wireless video door intercom
If you are not interested in controlling your intercom via the Internet, you would do well to take a look at the wireless video intercom. As is the case with WLAN and IP systems, the indoor station, i.e. the screen, is mobile and ensures maximum convenience. For example, you can comfortably read a book in the garden and open the door at the same time without having to leave your cozy place.

However, the range of the transmission in the GHz range, which usually only reaches a few hundred meters, has a limiting effect, which is why this type of video door intercom system is not recommended for multi-family houses. For a 1-family house, however, this should be sufficient without any problems. Again, the transmission quality gets worse as the distance to the outdoor station increases. So think carefully about how far away you want to be from your house. Also consider the thickness and number of walls that lie between the outdoor and indoor stations.

Video door phone with wifi
The wifi video door phone works the same way as the IP video door phone. The only differences are that on the one hand there is no indoor station included, so everything has to be controlled by smartphone, and on the other hand everything runs without wiring/cabling.

In any case, the door intercom is operated with an app. Either the manufacturer provides a self-developed app or refers to a third-party provider. As far as connecting the outdoor station is concerned, this is accomplished either via 2-wire or multi-wire technology.

A disadvantage of this type of security system is that WLAN does not usually have the best transmission quality, which can lead to various image and signal problems.

Frequently asked questions about the video door intercom system
As soon as it gets darker, the picture of the video door intercom is hardly recognizable. What can I do?

If your system does not have infrared LEDs or a night vision function, you should ensure a well-lit area with the help of a motion detector. This will provide enough light so that you can still clearly identify visitors at night.

A red LED flashes on the outdoor station – what could this be?

A red LED light indicates that the video function is active.

I do not recognize any picture on the indoor station – what to do?

In this case you should check all connections and have another look at the enclosed manual. The power supply should also be checked. In case of a new installation it should only be assumed at last that the screen is defective.

The system is installed and a permanent beep sounds – defective?

No, this is only the alarm function, which was probably activated accidentally. This is solely for protection in the event of an attempted theft.

Can I connect an additional surveillance camera?

Of course! Depending on the type of video door phone you have, you can connect one or more corresponding surveillance cameras. You can also increase the number of indoor and outdoor stations.

How much does such a system cost?

The respective purchase price depends on how many features you want to have. High-end systems start from 600€, in this range you get white balance, backlight compensation and quite a few other nice features. From a price of about 200€ gets for 1-family houses video door intercoms that are really worth their purchase. Of course, there is no upper limit.